Sonntag, 3. September 2017

Das 12. KBS-Hörertreffen zur IFA in Berlin - mein erster Eindruck.....

Ich fand, dass es ein schönes Hörertreffen in Berlin war, mehr Informationen gibt es dann demnächst hier auf dieser Seite. 

English Service: What's new as of September 4th, 2017

Hello listeners,

KBS World Radio English Service is carrying out a major frequency and time adjustment on shortwave as we expand our programming as of September 4.

First of all, we will start a new two-and-a-half hour broadcast on 9.770Mhz at 0800h UTC toward Southeast Asia. The one-hour broadcast on 9.515Mhz toward Europe will expand to two hours, and will start at 1500h UTC. Our broadcast toward India will be on 9.785Mhz instead of the current 9.880Mhz and expand to three hours, starting at 1400h UTC.

Unfortunately, as we add more hours and programs to several frequencies, we will no longer be broadcasting on 9.690Mhz, 6.095Mhz and 7.275Mhz.

For more information on the frequency adjustment and program schedule, please visit our website at

Thank you!

*** BIG ANNOUNCEMENT *** KBS World Radio English Service

As many of you are aware already, KBS WORLD Radio English Service will be expanding and is launching new shows on September 4. While we will continue to update you on Facebook, be sure to follow the new (and revamped) programs on Instgram and Twitter!!!
K-Pop Connection (new season with a new host!)

One Fine Day with Lena Park (another music program!)

Korea 24 with Henry Shinn (our daily current affairs show) -- new handle coming soon!