Freitag, 23. Juni 2017

KBS World Radio English service want to know:

Dear KBS WORLD Radio English Service listeners,

Thank you always for tuning into us and writing to us with valuable feedback. We are planning for a major overhaul in SW frequencies later this year and would love to hear from you, the SW experts from different parts of the world. Please share your thoughts on the following questions. It would be greatly helpful if you could include the country you reside in the email back to us.

- Out of frequencies we use now (6095, 7275, 9515, 9570, 9580, 9640, 9690, 9760, 9880, 11810, 15575), which are the frequencies that work the best in your region? And which are the worst?
- If we were to secure a new SW frequency targeting your region, what are your recommendations?
- Are there seasonal differences to the frequency you tune in to listen to KBS WORLD Radio? Please describe how.

Please don't hesitate to share your ideas to improve our SW service. We thank you in advance for your input. We sincerely hope the changes we will make will better serve you and other listeners in your region.

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