Montag, 30. Mai 2016

KBS WORLD Radio Contest

카산드라 몬조와 응꼭킹에 이어 제 3회 한국어 말하기 동영상 공모전 홍보 영상에 출연한 주인공들은 누구일까요? 네, 바로 사진 속 강남과 포텐입니다. 새 영상은 수요일에 공개됩니다!

Following Cassandra Monjo and Eung Kokking... Guess who will be featured in the promo video for the 3rd KBS WORLD Korean Language Video Contest? Singers Kangnam and 4TEN!!! The video will be released this Wednesday!

Former KBS WORLD Radio host Lauren Hardie is on holidays in Korea right now! She dropped by KBS to see all her old friends. Lauren also asked us to say hello to all our listeners too ^_^ Hope you're having a great Monday

Former host Lauren Hardie dropped by to say hello 

Former host Lauren Hardie enjoying yummy bingsu with PD Kwan ChaeRyung, PD Eunji Kim and host Emilee Jennings.